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Recruitics is a data-powered recruitment marketing firm. We partner with the world’s leading brands, accelerating their ability to attract and hire top talent.

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Your job is to hire the best talent the most efficient way possible. But the world of work is evolving fast. Candidate priorities are shifting. We’re here to help your brand thrive in the new reality. And that requires a different kind of agency. Recruitics.

Our recruitment experts harness the power of our industry leading iONTM Platform to target candidates where they are with precisely with what they want. They leverage real-time data to pivot, innovate, and collaborate to help you become more precise, intuitive, and efficient. And the experience you’ll have with Recruitics is like no other.

Driven by a passion to make talent acquisition easier for you, we’re behind the scenes and by your side, working insightfully to meet your challenges and exceed your goals. We’ll shoulder the load, remove barriers, reduce the burden, and produce results.

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We are a world-class team of experts who are relentless in our commitment to helping clients find the best talent for their most in-demand positions.

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The Recruitics Story

Welcome to Recruitics – a trailblazing tech company that has been at the forefront of revolutionizing recruitment advertising since its inception. Our journey began when a group of visionary recruitment marketers came together with a shared mission – to solve the industry's most pressing challenges. The result? Programmatic job advertising was born, forever changing the way talent acquisition professionals connect with top talent.

From day one, our commitment to producing incomparable data and analytics set us apart. Recognizing the need to provide deep insights into how recruitment advertising budgets are invested across networks, we’ve embarked on a transformative path to reshape the recruitment landscape. We invite you to join us as we continue to redefine what's possible in the world of talent acquisition. 

Welcome to the future of talent acquisition – welcome to Recruitics.

Programmatic Trailblazers

In 2012, Recruitics made history by launching the world's first-to-market programmatic job optimization platform, a game-changer that empowered recruiters with logic-based automation rules. This groundbreaking innovation allowed for meticulous budget management and optimal spending, placing ultimate control of recruitment advertising ROI squarely in the hands of our clients.

  • July 2009 - July 2010: Recruitics begins beta-testing the recruitment industry’s first programmatic job advertising technology based on algorithmic rules and the first self-serve programmatic job advertising platform, now known as Recruitics Action. 
  • May 2012: Recruitics launches its first official office in Connecticut.
  • September 2016: Recruitics releases the industry’s first slot automation and management tool within the Action programmatic job advertising platform.
  • October 2016: Recruitics introduces REACH, a job programmatic advertising technology capable of distributing and optimizing ad spend across the world’s top job sites.
Recruitment Marketing Innovation

Throughout our journey, Recruitics has celebrated remarkable milestones, including the introduction of our Automated Marketing Platform (AMP) and FUSiON, a cutting-edge quality applicant delivery platform. Notably, the strategic acquisition of Jamyr, a pioneering solution for video recruitment, further solidified our position as market leaders in programmatic advertising and recruitment marketing.

  • March 2023: Recruitics’ AMP, an automated marketing platform that uses market-level goals as well as supply and demand data for candidate acquisition, completes its beta phase and becomes available for all customers and companies.
  • May 2023: Recruitics announces the launch of FUSiON, a comprehensive AI talent engagement solution that streamlines hiring processes.
Thought Leadership

As we look ahead, we know that the next step in recruitment marketing can't be imagined without the pioneers who dare to challenge the status quo. Under visionary leadership, Recruitics has witnessed unprecedented growth, product advancements, and strategic expansions. We've established ourselves as a trusted resource, sharing invaluable insights into programmatic advertising and industry trends to guide our partners through the dynamic world of talent acquisition. 

  • August 2019: Recruitics acquires KRT Marketing, a full-service recruitment marketing agency, to create the industry’s leading provider of talent attraction solutions for the Fortune 1000.
  • February 2022: Recruitics acquires Reverse Delta, a career site provider founded with a focus on SEO consulting.
  • May 2023: Recruitics acquires Jamyr, an all-in-one video platform for recruiting and onboarding.
The Future of Recruitment

Innovation is our heartbeat, and we're far from done. We stand on the precipice of the next generation of programmatic job advertising – the revolutionary objective-based programmatic campaigns. This new level of automation and efficiency, previously unattainable, is realized through VISiON, our cutting-edge solution that marries omni-channel data and reporting capabilities with the power of Artificial Intelligence.

  • July 2023: Recruitics unveils VISiON, the first AI-powered recruitment data analytics platform.
Our People


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Chief Strategy Officer
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Chief Operating Officer
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Austin Anderson
Chief Technology Officer
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Chief Revenue Officer
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Kayla Sorice
Chief Financial Officer
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President, Enterprise Division

Recognized for Excellence

We could not be more proud of what our teams and our clients have achieved together.

Silver Stevie Winner International Business Awards 2022
Comparably 2022 Best Company New York
Comparably Best Places to Work in New York 2022
SSR Top Recruitment Marketing Agency
SSR Top Recruitment Marketing Agency Award 2021
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Aaron Coteff
Austin Anderson
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