Our Mission

At Recruitics, we’re on a mission to make it easy for the world's leading brands to attract and hire great talent.

It all began in 2012 when we were trying to better understand the performance of, and get more out of, the job ads we were posting on popular sites like Indeed, Monster, and Careerbuilder. Unfortunately, we quickly learned that the ideal platform we were searching for didn’t exist, so we set out to build our own. To us, the ideal recruitment marketing platform needed to have at least three things. It needed to help us understand the performance of our job ads, it had to eliminate time-consuming processes through automation, and it had to help us hire great talent more efficiently.

In creating this recruitment marketing platform, we were the first to develop a programmatic buying technology specifically for the recruitment and talent acquisition industry. We built our agency around our core of data and analytics, and today, Recruitics is recognized as a leading recruitment marketing agency thanks to our award-winning products and services. We’ve helped countless businesses find, attract, engage, and hire millions of job seekers. And we’re constantly evolving and continuously innovating to further improve our offerings in pursuit of our mission.

Our Values

We think, and act, as entrepreneurs.

Whether you’re leveraging one of our platforms or taking full advantage of our agency services, we’ll make sure that every interaction you have with our team is a thoughtful and productive one.

We do things the right way.

We always confront difficult problems and never cut corners. When you work with a member of our team, we make sure the information you receive is candid, accurate and always given with your best interests in mind.

We work together as a team to provide amazing customer service.

We want you to have a strong relationship with your account manager, but behind the scenes, we’re also leveraging all of our internal resources to ensure you’re getting the best results possible. We’re better together, and it shows in the level of customer service our clients have come to expect.

We make data-driven decisions.

Data is our epicenter - it’s a part of everything we do, and it drives every decision we make. Because of this, you’ll never need to worry about bias or “a gut feeling” being factored into what we do. Our data always informs our decisions and never the other way around.

Leadership Team

josh headshot edited 2
Josh Gampel
tim headshot edited 4
Tim Dineen
Chief Innovation Officer
Julie Calli
Chief Strategy Officer
Adam Stafford
Jonathan Zila
Managing Director, US Southeast
matt grover headshot edited
Matt Grover
Managing Director, US Midwest
Kelley Powers
Managing Director, US Southwest
Brian Rowe
Managing Director, UK & Europe
Chris Taylor
SVP, Sales
Cory Kapner
VP, Sales
Niki McKee
VP, Customer Success
Jeff Peduto
VP, Operations
Adam Fudala
VP, Strategy
Prasith Govin
VP, Engineering
Mark Jensen
VP, Product
Emily Tanner
VP, Marketing
Chief Happiness Officer

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