Healthcare Recruiting During COVID-19 Resources [HUB]

Must-visit resource hub if you are a Healthcare Talent Acquisition Leader

COVID-19 Recruitment Marketing Resources [HUB]

Recruitment Marketing and Employer Brand Resources to help you navigate the coronavirus outbreak.

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Careers Site Best Practices [GUIDE]

Get access to Dos and Don'ts, Pro Tips, Out-of-the-box Ideas and Careers Site Examples.

Social Recruiting-Nomics [VIDEO]

Social recruiting is an essential component to talent acquisition. Check out these powerful statistics.

Company Profile Best Practices [POST]

Showcase your employer brand on company profiles like Glassdoor, Indeed, LinkedIn and Facebook.

AI for Recruitment [MICROSITE]

Get access to the most comprehensive AI guide for recruitment.


TedX Talk: Programmatic Acquisitions [VIDEO]

Mona Tawakali, EVP Programmatic, presents at TAtech on the impact of programmatic job advertising acquisitions in 2019.

LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices [GUIDE]

Ensure your LinkedIn Company Page is up to date and optimized for the best candidate experience. 

Glassdoor Company Page Best Practices [GUIDE]

Showcase your employer brand on your Glassdoor Profile with this best practice guide.

Indeed Company Profile Best Practices [GUIDE]

Optimize your Indeed Company Profile using these best practices. 

Facebook Company Page Best Practices [GUIDE]

Candidates will seek out information about your careers on Facebook. Ensure the experience is optimized. 

Veteran Recruiting Best Practices [WEBINAR]

Learn how civilian TA pros can better recruit military talent from this panel of experts.

The Beginner's Guide to Recruitment Marketing Attribution [GUIDE]

Learn more about how your job advertising sources get credit for traffic and applicants.

The Ultimate Recruitment Marketing Resources Guide [POST]

Get access to this all-encompassing list of resources including conferences, podcasts, books, blogs, and more.

Increasing Quality Applicants [CHECKLIST]

When you optimize your recruitment marketing strategy to focus on quality applicants, good things happen!

LinkedIn Personal Profile [CHECKLIST]

When is the last time you updated your LinkedIn profile? Try this checklist to improve your profile.

Social Recruiting Strategy [CHECKLIST]

How does your social recruiting program stack up? Don’t have one? Get organized with this checklist.

Roadmap to Recruitment Marketing [GUIDE]

Wherever you are in your recruitment marketing journey, this roadmap has all the insights, tips, and resources you need!

Six Amazing Benefits of Programmatic Recruitment Advertising [GUIDE]

If you’re not posting jobs with programmatic, you’re behind! Discover the benefits of this recruitment solution.

How Recruitics Worked for an Enterprise Healthcare Company [CASE STUDY]

Learn more about how Recruitics helped a U.S. healthcare customer exceed their hiring goals.

The Ultimate Guide to Recruitment Marketing Analytics [GUIDE]

Get all the information about the data you need to understand and optimize your job advertising strategies.

Recruitment Marketing Analytics Formulas Cheat Sheet [GUIDE]

Print out this cheat sheet and keep it handy at your desk so you can calculate your job advertising performance on the fly!

The Recruitment Marketing Analytics Self-Assessment [ASSESSMENT]

Determine how much you know about the data you need to understand and optimize your job advertising strategies.

Your Guide to Google For Jobs [GUIDE]

Everything you need to know about Google For Jobs and how to get your jobs to appear on Google.

Candidate Sourcing & Engagement [WEBINAR]

A data-driven, educational session from Recruitics on actionable sourcing best practices for successful talent attraction.

Your Complete Guide to Workplace Transparency [GUIDE]

Learn how workplace & salary transparency affects your recruitment efforts. 

What to Track [CHECKLIST]

Use this checklist as a guideline when auditing your existing tracking and reporting ecosystem.

Web Accessibility Tools [GUIDE]

Getting started in creating an accessible career site can be daunting. Luckily, there are a number of tools that can help.

Your Recruitment Marketing Score [ASSESSMENT]

Fill out this assessment to learn how you score when it comes to tracking, analytics, ROI, employer brand, and more.

Social Media Advertising Podcast [AUDIO]

Melissa Van Dyke (Recruitics) and Craig Fisher (Allegis Global Solutions) talk best social media advertising practices.


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