Roadmap to Recruitment Marketing

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Roadmap to Recruitment Marketing

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Recruitment isn’t about the destination – it’s the journey. We know it’s corny, but hear us out. As with any journey, you’ll need a guide. Whether you’re just embarking on your recruitment marketing adventure or looking to improve your existing strategy, this roadmap has all the latest insights, tips, and resources!

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  • Automation/AI for Recruitment
  • Smart Job Advertising
  • Transparency
  • Gig Economy
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Social Recruiting





  • Get your recruitment media SCORE
  • Google for Jobs Resource Center
  • Tracking & Analytics Checklist



  • Increase applicant flow AND get more ROI on your recruitment budget
  • Optimize your career site for candidate experience
  • Your career site must meet the “two-click” rule
  • Reach candidates after they leave your career site
  • Reach passive candidates with programmatic job advertising
  • Tailor your recruitment content for multiple generational audiences
  • Engage potential candidates with “out of the box” social media targeting
  • Optimize your talent network form
  • Respond (meaningfully) to Glassdoor reviews
  • Find a recruitment media partner