Increasing Conversions & Enhancing Career Site User Experience

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Increasing Conversions & Enhancing Career Site User Experience

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Jobseekers put their trust in your recruitment website and expect it to be a reliable source of information, offering positions that are relevant to their search criteria.

Usually, the job page is a candidate’s first impression of your agency, and the experience they have visiting that page will have a considerable impact on whether or not they choose to engage with you. It can be challenging to grasp the significance of a good user experience, but small improvements can make a major difference when it comes to increasing candidate conversions.

Join Recruitics' Executive Vice President Jonathan Zila & Commercial Director Peter Morrow for this recorded webinar to learn more about how to use your recruitment website to:

  • Enhance your agency’s credibility
  • Increase your ROI
  • Lower advertising costs and business expenses
  • Increase candidate conversion rates
  • Reduce bounce rates
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To access the webinar recording, complete the form on this page!