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Leadership Team

The Recruitics management team is made up of industry experts, dynamic marketers, and savvy entrepreneurs who bring years of experience to the table. They cultivate our strong culture and work tirelessly to help our teams scale, grow, and succeed.
Adam Stafford, CEO, Recruitics (1)
Adam Stafford
Chief Executive Officer
Headshot of Tim Dineen
Tim Dineen
Chief Innovation Officer
Headshot of Mona Tawakali
Mona Tawakali
Chief Strategy Officer
Headshot of Matt Grover
Matt Grover
Chief Operating Officer
Austin Anderson
Austin Anderson
Chief Technology Officer
Website Headshots
Dave Tuttle
Chief Revenue Officer
Headshot of Kayla Sorice
Kayla Sorice
Chief Financial Officer
Headshot of Ryan Christoi
Ryan Christoi
President, Enterprise Division
Headshot of Jonathan Zila
Jonathan Zila
EVP, Job Advertising and Analytics Programs
Headshot of Olivia Yongue
Olivia Yongue
SVP, Client Service
Headshot of Jeff Peduto
Jeff Peduto
SVP, Operations
Headshot of Adam Fudala
Adam Fudala
SVP, Performance Marketing
Rusty Gunton
Rusty Gunton
VP, Engineering Operations
Candace Kraemer
Candace Kraemer
VP, Sales
Headshot of Cory Kapner
Cory Kapner
VP, Global Sales & Partnerships
Headshot of Katherine Rose
Katherine Rose
VP, Sales
Headshot of Michelle Sargent
Michelle Sargent
VP, New Business & Partnerships
Website Headshots (5)
Tiffany Mack
VP, Corporate Marketing
Headshot of Bruce Carey
Bruce Carey
VP, Brand & Creative
Headshot of Jillian O'Malior
Jillian O'Malior
VP, Brand & Creative Development
Kelly Ward
VP, Performance Marketing
Headshot of Niki McKee
Niki McKee
VP, Revenue Operations
Headshot of Victoria Geager
Victoria Geager
VP, Solutions Engineering
Headshot of Jenny Skundrich
Jenny Skundrich
VP, Client Services
Melissa Gilbert
Melissa Gilbert
VP, Client Services
Justin Gabriel
Justin Gabriel
VP, Performance Media
Headshot of Chrisy Touman
Christine Touma
Sr. Director, Onboarding
Headshot of Chris Satterlee
Chris Satterlee
VP, Performance Marketing
  Hunter Ramey
Hunter Ramey
VP, Performance Marketing
Headshot of Kara Somsen
Kara Somsen
VP, Marketing Strategy

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