iON is the all-in-one recruitment marketing platform that accelerates and automates your ability to attract top talent.

Data is Crucial, and Highly Complex

In today’s recruitment market, you have more options than ever before to connect with talent. Knowing which solutions work and which don’t, requires data—and there’s a vast amount of it available. But making sense of data, and making it work for you, can be extremely complex. iON allows us to harness real-time data to move dynamically in an ever-changing talent landscape.
Competitive Advantage

iON Platform

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What is iON?

iON is the all-in-one recruitment marketing platform that transforms the complicated, dynamic, and hyper-competitive recruitment data landscape into a valuable source of learnings and actions for you.

How Does iON Work?

iON leverages Recruitics’ proprietary technology to intelligently track, interpret, and optimize recruitment marketing strategies to deliver unmatched ROI.

iON connects you to the entire recruitment marketing ecosystem with thousands of seamless integrations. It converts data from jobs, recruitment ads, jobseeker events, and campaign costs into uniquely actionable datasets that power the most advanced marketing team and tools available today.

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iON Matter

Why Does iON Matter?

iON provides our clients with full control, guidance, and clarity over their recruitment marketing efforts via intelligent decision-making and actionable data insights.

iON makes data a competitive advantage.

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