Programmatic Recruitment Technology

REACH Job Distribution Software

Anticipate, manage, and optimize job distribution

Reach is a job programmatic advertising technology capable of distributing and optimizing ad spend across the world’s top job sites. Our award-winning technology leverages campaign performance intelligence and machine learning to anticipate, manage, and optimize job distribution to deliver a more favorable Recruitment Marketing ROI.


  • Award-winning programmatic algorithms

  • Dynamic bidding and distribution

  • Transparent source reporting

  • Machine learning

  • Strategic support expertise, and resources

  • The Reach Network


Just some of the many reasons our why customers love using Reach for their hiring needs.

Reach Network

The Reach Network

An interconnected network of job sites designed to ensure that each and every job is distributed directly to a talent-rich job site.

Improved CPA

Improved CPA & ROI

Obtain maximum efficiency per dollar spent with our market level, automated, goal-driven, candidate acquisition engine.

Safeguarded Budget

Safeguarded Budget

Protect your budget from overspending, wasting ad dollars and mis-allocating resources.

Streamline Outreach

Streamline Outreach

Conveniently and efficiently distribute across thousands of job sites with a centralized marketing budget.

Expand Talent

Expand Talent Market

Advertise across the world's top job sites within one managed network to expand your talent market.

Preserve Internal

Preserve Internal Resources

Stop manually adjusting jobs and CPC goals with REACH’s automatic distribution and bidding technology.

Hiring Goals

Meet Hiring Goals

Ensure your hiring goals are met by connecting to untapped talent reserves in discoverable through the Reach Network.

Expert Support

Expert Support

Our team of experts help to ensure your campaign’s success.

The Power of iON

Powered by our iON platform, REACH solves for wasteful spending and resource consumption by harnessing the amazing power of Programmatic Advertising technology to intelligently distribute jobs across thousands of the world’s top job sites (collectively known as the REACH Network). 

iON collects over 15 million data points per day to automatically execute intelligent bidding and buying decisions based on our client’s unique applicant demand.

Two Recruitics employees discussing the iON platform

Say hello to the Reach Network

The REACH Network™ is a rigorously vetted and interconnected network of job sites designed to ensure that each and every job is distributed with precision to talent-rich job sites.
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