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With Recruitics, your recruitment advertising investments are guided by Recruitics’ AI-powered platform and expert analysts, delivering the right message, to the right audience, at the right time to achieve the best possible ROI.

Recruitment Advertising Solutions that Work for You

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Job Advertising

Our programmatic job advertising services, built on the Recruitics' AI-powered Platform, use state-of-the-art technology to intelligently target job seekers across an extensive network of partner sites to optimize cost, effort, and time in achieving your hiring goals.

Programmatic Job Advertising Technology

Our Programmatic Job Advertising Technology deploys objective based campaigns to deliver efficiency, volume, and quality with a clear line of sight to your goal(s) (CPA, volume, or both). We partner with our clients to craft bespoke marketing strategies and execute objective based campaigns across any pay-for-performance job site. Get the most out of your media investment.

Reach™ Network

Our Reach Network makes programmatic easy. Reach fully automates job advertising and distribution to a select network of the top job sites based on aggregate performance and industry data. Reach is perfect for results-driven advertising for a wide variety of roles. Continuous optimization with transparent results.

AMP™ (Automated Marketing Platform)

Our Automated Marketing Platform (AMP) is built for high-volume hiring. AMP combines extensive market data and real-time intelligence to deliver scalable results at maximum efficiency by utilizing Recruitics’ goal-driven, market-level acquisition engine. 


Action is our award-winning recruitment marketing and job advertising software. Built on the Recruitics platform, Action automates critical campaign decisions based on real-time performance data to optimize advertising ROI on job sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter,, Jobcase and more.

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Paid Search Advertising

Drive qualified traffic to your career site and jobs while refining and expanding your ability to reach quality talent with a Google Platinum Partner.


73% of job searches start on Google. The world’s largest search engine is the ideal solution for capturing clicks, leads, and applications from passive job seekers who are searching with the intent to apply while simultaneously protecting your branded key terms.


While less competitive than Google, Microsoft offers the opportunity for a more efficient cost-per -click across a unique, professional job audience. Microsoft also brings the added benefit of direct integration with Linkedin and ChatGPT (OpenAI).

Vision Analytics

Enjoy advanced paid search analytics across all of your diverse advertising and marketing efforts with Vision, the world’s first AI-powered talent analytics platform.

Let us help you drive qualified talent traffic at the jobseeker's point of origin.

Paid Social Advertising

Elevate your employer brand to target, attract, and convert passive job seekers with Paid Social Advertising.

Meta (Facebook + Instagram)

Connect with talent on the world's largest social media platform. With a combined total of 4.95 billion users, Meta provides a variety of different ways to target a specific audience while generating brand awareness, traffic, lead generation, and conversions.


LinkedIn advertising helps brands engage with a community of professionals to drive actions that are relevant to your business. We leverage our industry and technical expertise to reach candidates with specific job titles, experience and other attributes.


We activate TikTok to build brand awareness and generate leads with passive job seekers using user-generated, short-form video content. We specialize in all things TikTok including: In-Feed, Brand Takeover, Top View, Branded Hashtag, Branded Effects, and Collection ads. See our Case Study on TikTok for Business.

+ Many More

We advertise across a diverse array of niche platforms like Reddit, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more to align with our customers' unique goals and objectives. Connect with us today to learn more about how we can strategize and activate your employer brand across the channels where your ideal talent engages.

Vision Analytics

Enjoy advanced paid social analytics across all of your diverse advertising and marketing efforts with Vision, the world’s first AI-powered talent analytics platform.

Let us help you amplify your brand with high-performing social media campaigns.


ApplyAnywhere delivers qualified applicants directly to your ATS by streamlining an easy apply candidate experience across the job publisher ecosystem. On average, employers who integrate ApplyAnywhere experience a +50% increase in application conversion rate. 

Enhanced ATS Connection & Integration

ApplyAnywhere provides a simple and streamlined integration from your ATS to the largest job network in the world! You do not need to allocate engineers or developers to this integration. We handle all the technical work. You only need to provide Recruitics with a token/secret from your ATS. This can be done by an ADMIN user, ensuring minimal client effort.

Job Publisher & Ad Network Integration

Our network of job sites and publishers unifies data from multiple sources (job boards, ATS, websites) for a complete view of the post apply process. ApplyAnywhere delivers qualified applicants directly to your ATS by streamlining an easy apply experience across the job publisher ecosystem.

Candidate Screening Questions Integration

ApplyAnywhere supports the distribution of ATS screening questions to optimize the early stages of the hiring process, ensure consistency, improve the quality of hire, and remain compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements. Screening questions streamline the hiring process by filtering out unqualified candidates early, saving time and effort. This targeted approach ensures a higher quality pool of candidates, improving the chances of finding the right fit for the role.

Vision™ Pro End-to-End (E2E) Analytics Integration

Vision Pro Analytics visualizes and interprets campaign performance data to empower data-driven insights and PPC campaign performance efficiency. Our End-to-End, full-funnel, outcome-based performance analytics and candidate tracking allow you to see full and accurate attribution through the entire candidate journey.

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