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Your employer brand is a critical component to the success of your advertising efforts. That's why we work closely with you to create an Employee Value Proposition that is compelling, inspiring, and yours alone.

Creating Winning Employer Brands



Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) service is the ultimate development and delivery of a client's true employer brand identity.  Our process aims to validate, authenticate, and enrich your employer brand to strengthen talent acquisition and employee retention results.



Our EVP process begins with an enhanced emphasis on consensus building between all brand stakeholders. We use custom-built workshops and other exercises to ensure a smooth and cohesive EVP development process that is guaranteed to delight talent. 


As part of the EVP discovery process, we perform a thorough audit of our client's existing employer brand along with those of their direct competitors. This can include employee and leadership focus groups, interviews, and surveys when applicable. 


Our team of brand and data experts synthesize all of the gathered brand information within the iON platform to build out key insights. These learnings are then delivered in the form of an EVP Synthesis Presentation which includes the key takeaways used to develop the larger EVP strategy.


Our EVP service concludes when our clients are empowered and equipped with everything they need to deploy their revitalized employer brand with confidence. From clearly defined expressive concepts and guides, to EVP activation and deployment tactics, we provide everything needed to deliver a powerful brand to talent.

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Creative Services

Creative Services

Our outstanding team of advertising specialists excels in bringing your unique EVP to life through highly engaging ad assets across a variety of media.

Ad Development

Our creative team specializes in creating visually stunning employer advertisements. Each creative ad asset is specifically tailored to respective ad networks to ensure maximum impact and efficiency. 

Career Site Design

We specialize in designing and deploying best-in-class employer career sites and landing pages to provide unforgettable candidate experiences that convert jobseekers.

Content Development

Whether you need advertisements, blogs, newsletters, social media pages, or something beyond, we pair data and creative expertise to compose impactful words and content for our clients.

Social Media Design

We create unique assets designed to convert jobseekers across top social media ad networks like facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Craigslist, Reddit, and others.

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Brand Development

Brand Development

We help you evolve, refine, and communicate all facets of your employer brand message.

Brand Strategy

We leverage our comprehensive experience in the employer brand space to audit, consult, and ultimately develop a comprehensive strategy our clients can manage and deploy. 

Content Strategy

Words matter in the employer brand space. We offer messaging architecture, content, and other communications-based strategies that our clients can utilize within their organization.

Messaging & Style Guides

We work with clients to develop and deliver first-rate employer brand style and messaging guides to ensure everything you need is defined and represented. 

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Brand Management

Brand Management

We help you protect, monitor, and manage the many vital moving parts of your employer brand message and reputation

Reputation Management

We utilize best practices and strategies to ensure our client's brand remains protected and attractive to talent. This includes managing and monitoring employers profile pages on sites like Indeed, Linkedin, Glassdoor, and others. 

Social Media Management

We take control of employer social media accounts to effectively communicate, share, and engage with talent while ensuring their employer brand is consistently applied using best practices within each respective social channel. 

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Your employer brand is never what you say it is; it’s what your employees and candidates say it is. Try not to go into EVP development with preconceived notions of who you are as a company. Instead, come in open to hearing and seeing what others define you as.

Jillian O'Malior

VP, Brand and Creative Development

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