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RX Studio Elevating Your Employer Brand

At RX Studio, our team of creative and employer branding consultants bring decades of expertise to elevate and amplify the world's leading employer brands in their effort to attract and retain quality talent. 

Employee Value Proposition

Our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) service is the ultimate development and delivery of a client's true employer brand identity.  Our process aims to validate, authenticate, and enrich your employer brand to strengthen talent acquisition and employee retention results, using our innovative Four Paths Process.


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1. Alignment

The foundation of our EVP work, alignment is our foundation for establishing an alliance and partnership between Recruitics and you.

2. Discovery

The blueprint for our work; everything that is built into an EVP is uncovered and examined in Discovery – the reality and the aspiration of who you are as an employer.

3. Synthesis

The proof points have been realized and now are ready to be built into our framework; the Synthesis of who you are, what value you bring, and the defining statement of those truths that will form your value proposition.

4. Expression

Our foundation is laid, our structure is built; now is the time to beautify our work through the creative Expression; breathing life into the EVP as it takes on the form of your holistic Employer Brand.

Employer Branding Strategy

The key to attracting and retaining top talent is an effective Employer Brand Strategy. Our strategic approaches emphasize the showcasing of an authentic and desirable work culture, cultivating engaged employees who become brand advocates. Shape a positive external perception and stand out in the market by elevating your employer brand with us – where innovation, authenticity, and talent excellence converge for lasting success.


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Organic Social Strategy

We work with you to develop strategies centered around the topics, themes, and insights that translate to successful and engaging employer brand content on your social media channels.

EVP Activation

An EVP is only as powerful as the strategies and tactics used to bring your message to market. The experts at RX Studio work with you to identify the channels, media, and messages needed to get your brand in front of your target audiences.

Brand Content

An employer brand lives every day in the stories you tell about your company. With RX Studio, we will work with you to identify the voice, the language, and the messages that are key to telling your unique story.

Employee Advocacy

RX Studio knows that the power and credibility of your brand can be harnessed through the authentic voices of your workforce, cultivating trust and connection with your candidates, and we work with you directly on custom strategies for making the most of your employee content.


At RX Studio, we are committed to helping our clients cultivate a vibrant, inclusive culture where safe, engaged employees harness the power of their diverse identities and lived experiences to drive innovative solutions.

Candidate Persona

To deliver a strong brand experience, we first need to identify where key candidates are spending their time and attention, as well as what type of content and messaging is necessary to support the candidates’ goals and spark engagement with your employer brand.

Digital Experience Development

Digital Experience Development

Elevate your employer brand with our Digital Experience Development services. At RX Studio, we create captivating career sites and landing pages, integrating seamlessly with your brand media. Our goal is to provide a unified 'all-in-one' digital destination for an immersive and engaging employer brand experience while transforming your online presence into a meaningful candidate journey.

Career Page Design

We specialize in designing and deploying best-in-class employer career sites and landing pages to provide unforgettable candidate experiences that convert jobseekers.

Landing Page Design

Create and deploy intelligent branded landing pages to distribute jobs. Our Enhanced Landing Pages integrate with a wide network of popular applicant tracking systems to deliver complete ROI visibility.

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Brand Activation Advertising

Employer Branding Activation

Transform your advertising efforts into an unforgettable experience with our Brand Activation Advertising services. We understand that great media is not just about visibility; it's about the power of compelling creativity. Elevate your brand campaigns with innovative, thought-provoking, and impactful creative solutions meticulously designed and deployed across social, display, OOH, and experiential channels. 

Paid Social Ad Design

Our RX Studio team specializes in creating visually stunning employer advertisements. Each creative ad asset is specifically tailored to respective social channels and placement to ensure maximum impact and efficiency. 

Display Ad Design

Our RX Studio team specializes in creating visually stunning employer advertisements. With Display, we focus on impactful and high-level brand awareness creative, specifically tailored to respective ad networks to ensure maximum impact and efficiency.

Experiential Ad Design

Whether it’s a job fair banner or a fully immersive in-person brand experience, the RX Studio team can tailor experiential design and development to showcase your employer brand.

OOH Ad Design

Advertising in the spaces our candidates live their lives can be just as impactful as a strong digital brand campaign. The RX Studio team can deliver stunning creative for billboards, transit, and other “in real life” placements.

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Brand Content Development

Employer Brand Content Development

Your employer brand doesn't start and end with an activation campaign. Ongoing content development that tells the story of your company, your employees, and the value you bring is essential to maintaining an engaged and connected talent audience.

Organic Social Content

Stories matter when it comes to breathing life into your employer brand. Our RX Studio team offers hands-on social content development, partnering closely with you to amplify the stories that make your unique employer brand thrive.

Employee-Generated Content

We offer scalable employee-generated creative solutions that allows for the seamless creation and management of employee advocacy and employee-generated content.

Talent Network Campaign

Your talent network is an excellent avenue for nurturing engagement and excitement in your employer brand. RX Studio has strategy, design, and development services meant to build the best communications possible for getting your candidates to the next level.

Employer Brand Health

Your employer brand is as much what others say it is as what you do. RX Studio provides strategic guidance and management for your brand reputation, using data-centric tactics to drive success.

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Your employer brand is never what you say it is; it’s what your employees and candidates say it is. Try not to go into EVP development with preconceived notions of who you are as a company. Instead, come in open to hearing and seeing what others define you as.

Jillian O'Malior

VP, Brand and Creative Development

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