Employer Brand Video Platform

Jamyr by Recruitics

A video solution that finally scales video recruitment.

Introducing Jamyr, the all-in-one video platform for talent attraction and onboarding. With our easy-to-use tools and customizable solutions, you can create engaging video content that showcases your employer brand, attracts top talent, and streamlines your onboarding process.

Jamyr is designed to create and deploy video content for recruitment and onboarding teams. Get started today and take your employer brand to the next level with Jamyr.


  • Simple and easy video creation and management

  • Flexible and dynamic video widget

  • Advanced social video sharing and embedding 

  • Responsive video collections and galleries

  • ATS and job post video integration

  • AI-generated video prompts and tags

  • Multi-language AI video translation + transcription

  • Track & measure impact with advanced analytics

Make Sharing Employee Stories Easy.

Manage, integrate, and create visually stunning videos to attract, delight, and convert talent.

Flexible and Dynamic Video Widget

Add one line of code to your career site (or any site) and you can add videos to any page right from the dashboard.


Simple and Easy Video Creation & Management

Jamyr makes it easy to edit and create videos directly on desktop or mobile site with no login or download required.


AI-Generated Video Tags, Transcriptions & Translations

Jamyr leverages AI to automatically generate custom assets with each video created


Auto-Generated and Branded Video Landing Pages

Share videos in email, on social, in a blog post, or on your website by linking them to an auto-generated landing page.


ATS and Job Post Video Integration and Embed

Embed videos directly into your ATS or job posting to increase apply rates.


Track & Measure Impact With Advanced Analytics

Jamyr Integrates with the Fusion Platform and Recruitics Vision Analytics.

Amplify Your Messages

Say goodbye to boring job postings and hello to engaging video content that converts top talent. With Jamyr, you can easily create and share video job postings, culture content, employee testimonials, onboarding guides, internal communications, and more!


Of candidates will consider a job when a hiring manager records a video


More applicants when job postings include video content


Of people agree a video about a job helps them better understand the role

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