Programmatic Job Advertising Platform

Award-Winning Job Distribution Software

Our programmatic job engine is powered by award winning algorithms and AI to automatically advertise jobs to talent precisely where, when, and as needed to achieve hiring goals with maximum ROI.


  • Rules-based performance and budget management

  • Advanced programmatic algorithms

  • Adjustment of job placements based on real-time results 

  • Leverages over 20 billion job seeker events

  • Best-in-class data and visual analytics

Recruitment Advertising Solutions that Work for You


Programmatic Job Advertising Solutions

Our programmatic job advertising services, built on the Recruitics AI-Powered Platform, use state-of-the-art technology to intelligently target job seekers across an extensive network of partner sites to optimize cost, effort, and time in achieving your hiring goals.

Programmatic Job Advertising Technology

Our Programmatic Job Technology deploys objective based campaigns to deliver efficiency, volume, and quality with a clear line of sight to your goal(s) (CPA, volume, or both). We partner with our clients to craft bespoke marketing strategies and execute objective based campaigns across any pay-for-performance job site. Get the most out of your media investment.

Reach Network

Our Reach Network makes programmatic easy. Reach fully automates job advertising and distribution to a select network of the top job sites based on aggregate performance and industry data. Reach is perfect for results-driven advertising for a wide variety of roles. Continuous optimization with transparent results.

AMP (Automated Marketing Platform)

Our Automated Marketing Platform (AMP) is built for high-volume hiring. AMP combines extensive market data and real-time intelligence to deliver scalable results at maximum efficiency utilizing Recruitics’ goal-driven, market-level acquisition engine. 


Action is our award-winning recruitment marketing and job advertising software. Built on the Recruitics platform, Action automates critical campaign decisions based on real-time performance data to optimize advertising ROI on job sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter,, Jobcase and more. 

Let us help you with your programmatic advertising needs.

The Premier Programmatic Job Advertising Solution

Engineered to automatically advertise jobs to talent precisely where, when, and as needed.


Flexibility & Control

Your hiring needs are always changing, and now so can your advertising spend. You're in full control.

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

Utilize real-time data to make strategic decisions to maximize your campaign.

Pay for Performance

Pay Only for Performance

You only pay for traffic and applies that you actually receive on your jobs.

No Spend

Diversify Your Spend

Maximize your reach across the talent media ecosystem to ensure that your jobs are advertised in the right place with optimal returns.

Centralized Job Distribution

Centralized Job Distribution

Reach over 100 million job seekers across leading job boards, aggregators and more.

Expert Support

Expert Support

Our team of experts help to ensure your campaign’s success.


The Reach Network

An interconnected network of job sites designed to ensure that each and every job is distributed directly to a talent-rich job site.


Automate to Eliminate Manual Errors

 Automated predictive buying eliminates manual errors, downtime, and overspending.


Achieve and Maintain Optimal Candidate Flow

Dynamically balance market-level worker supply with demand across hundreds of markets at once.


Safeguarded Budget

Protect your budget from overspending, wasting ad dollars, and misallocating resources.

Unlocking the Power of Data

Recruitics collects over 15 million data points per day to automatically guide and optimize the programmatic job engine's ability to improve budget efficiency and ensure ALL necessary jobs get qualified applicants. The results? More candidates for the right jobs.

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Award Winning Technology

Our programmatic job selection engine is powered by Recruitics’ award winning programmatic job algorithms.

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