Employer brand awareness advertising

Employer brand awareness is important because it helps businesses stand out above their competition, build an audience more effectively, and generate more leads.

In recruitment marketing, a higher level of employer brand awareness typically equates to more qualified candidates interested in working for your company.

How Employer Brand Awareness Advertising Works

Employer brand awareness, highlighted by exposure, influence and engagement, sits at the top of your recruitment marketing funnel. Once candidates or job seekers have heard of your employer brand, been influenced by and engaged with it, they are much more likely to interact with your job openings and apply. Since employer brand awareness advertising does not necessarily ask for viewers to perform an action, it is harder to track. Often employer brand ads, whether display, rich media or video, are run simply to be seen and make a favorable impression over time.

Employer Brand Awareness Media

  • - Billboards
  • - Television Commercials
  • - Magazines
  • - Radio and Streaming Music Ads
  • - Direct Mail
  • - Public Service Announcements
  • - Event Sponsorships
  • - Charitable Sponsorships

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