Targeted job advertising

Your ideal candidate may not always be searching the job boards, looking for that next great opportunity.

Targeted advertising allows you to promote your jobs and employer brand messaging to active and passive candidates on the websites and platforms they frequent on a regular basis.

How Targeted Advertising Works

We create an ideal profile based on geography, skill sets and niche interests and use real-time behavioral patterns to target those candidates online. We work with a network of data providers to create an ad placement strategy that will work best for your goals and objectives. These include:

  • - Google AdWords
  • - Display Advertising
  • - Retargeting
  • - Social Media Advertising
  • - Niche Job Postings
  • - SMS and Text Messaging
  • - Email Marketing
  • - Groups and Associations

Benefits of Targeted Advertising

Target Passive Talent
Engage Talent

Promote your targeted ad messages to active and passive candidates where they spend their time online. By leveraging our extensive dataset, we help you target candidates that are the best fit for your positions based on demographics, location, interests and skills.

Retarget Job Seekers
Retarget Job Seekers

Reengage job seekers who may have expressed interest in your company but never actually applied. By tracking those candidates who started an application but didn’t complete, you can present them with a chance to return by targeting them through social, search, display and communities.

Programmatic Advertising-2.0
Maximize Your Budget

Set your budget, define your goals and let us do the rest. With targeted advertising, you only pay for impressions to your target audience with no long-term commitments.

Employer Branding
Strengthen Your Employer Brand

Ensure you stay top of mind with your audience through targeted employer branding ads. Companies with a strong employer brand often see a higher number of applications to their jobs and a lower cost-per-hire.

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