Programmatic Advertising


More than an automated marketing platform.

AMP is the ideal recruitment marketing solution for businesses looking to hire multi-market employees based on real-time customer supply and demand with maximum efficiency.

AMP leverages Recruitics’ programmatic job technology to dynamically balance market-level worker supply with consumer demand to ensure every ad dollar is intelligently spent.


  • Award-winning programmatic algorithms

  • Automatic bidding and buying

  • Transparent source reporting

  • Machine learning

  • Strategic support expertise, resources

  • Precision volume hiring

  • Precision location-based placement

  • Market-level job reporting


AMP is designed to hit market goals with an optimal CPA, but the benefits don’t stop there.

Improved CPA

Improved CPA & ROI

Obtain maximum efficiency per dollar spent with our market-level, automated, goal-driven, candidate acquisition engine.

Safeguarded Budget

Safeguarded Budget

Protect your budget from overspending, wasting ad dollars, or mis-allocating resources into the wrong market or location.

Hiring Goals

Meet Hiring Goals

Achieve market goals quickly and efficiently through market-managed spending and growth—even in hard-to-fill markets.

Happy Customers

Happy Customers

Create happy customers by quickly and effectively filling market demand for your product or service.

Happy Workers

Happy Workers

Deploy happy workers into booming markets where they can achieve full earnings potential for their work.

Market Changes

Anticipate Market Changes

Preserve competitive advantage with the ability to anticipate forthcoming marketing changes.


Secured Competitive Advantage

Secure the available quality talent and paying consumers by activating strong market growth and expansion.

Increased Ratings

Increased Ratings & Reputation

Organically improve the rating(s) of your app or service with a happier customer and worker base.

Scale Quickly

Scale Quickly

Grow and maintain candidate flow within hundreds of markets at once.

Preserve Internal

Preserve Internal Resources

No more manually adjusting jobs, roles, or locations with AMP's Programmatic Bidding Technology.

The Power of iON

Powered by our iON™ platform, AMP provides best-in-class real-time, market-level, job performance data leveraging our award-winning programmatic buying algorithms.

It collects over 15 million data points per day to automatically execute intelligent bidding and buying decisions based on your unique applicant demand.

Two Recruitics employees discussing the iON platform

Automated Hiring. Where You Want.
When You Want.

Our customers love AMP’s ability to identify, allocate, and throttle location/market specific ad spend
to precisely hit their CPA goals.
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