iON: Recruitment Automation Software

iON is your talent acquisition engine - the recruitment automation software that converts massive data into a competitive advantage.

Recruitment Automation Software That Delivers.

iON is the all-in-one recruitment automation software that accelerates and automates your ability to attract top talent. iON leverages Recruitics’ proprietary technology to intelligently track, interpret, and optimize recruitment marketing strategies to deliver unmatched ROI.

As a part of iON, our award-winning programmatic job advertising technology targets your ideal candidates, distributes your jobs to an extensive network of partner websites, and gets you the applicants you need using a performance-based (pay-per-click or pay-per-application) approach, giving you more control of your recruitment advertising budget.

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Recruitment Automation Software

The Best Tech. The Best Result

As an all-in-one recruitment automation software, iON empowers talent acquisition teams, large and small, find more candidates, while reducing costs.

Our technology is backed by the support of the largest programmatic job advertising team in the world, ready to analyze the data behind every job and make custom optimizations.

The iON Advantage

As the originators of programmatic job advertising, we developed iON to help reduce the stress for brands to find great talent, easily.

With an all-in-one recruitment automation software like iON, recruiters can stop making judgment calls and begin taking a scientific approach to talent acquisition. iON can provide you with valuable insights you need to produce a greater ROI.

All this “data and analytics” jargon is more than just talk. The Recruitics team built the industry’s first recruitment marketing analytics dashboard which was even dubbed the Google Analytics for Recruitment at ERE Media.

What is iON?

iON is the all-in-one recruitment marketing platform that transforms the complicated, dynamic, and hyper-competitive recruitment data landscape into a valuable source of learnings and actions for you.

How Does iON Work?

iON connects you to the full recruitment ecosystem with a flow of seamless integrations. It converts data from jobs, recruitment ads, jobseeker events, and campaign costs into uniquely actionable datasets that power the most advanced marketing team and tools available today.

Why Makes iON Different?

iON provides our clients with full control, guidance, and clarity over their recruitment marketing efforts via intelligent decision-making and actionable data insights.

iON makes data a competitive advantage.