Talent Engagement Automation

FUSiON Engage

Automated AI pipeline generation, designed for quick applies from the quality candidate.

FUSiON Engage leverages robust AI technology to drive, capture, and convert quality leads to applicants with the added layer of dedicated, hands-on support from our talent engagement specialists.

FUSiON drives candidate quality via a tech-enabled screening service that helps companies increase hiring efficiency by leveraging advanced AI engagement automation technology and a human touch. Our tech-fueled source and screen offer ensures you maintain a steady flow of quality candidates directly into your ATS.


  • Fully optimized standard and custom landing pages

  • Quick-apply lead capture form

  • Automated AI candidate outreach

  • Automated pipeline generation & refinement

  • Seamless ATS integrations (like Bullhorn, Greenhouse, iCIMS and more)

  • Top-funnel reporting from awareness to hire

  • Additional: Talent advisory support

End-to-End Talent Engagement

FUSiON Engage is designed to help hiring teams save time and improve quality by delivering fully compliant, dispositioned qualified applicants directly to your applicant tracking system.

save time and resources

Save Time & Resources

Improve the efficiency of your hiring process by providing your internal teams with a slate of pre-screened candidates to start each day. Focus on the interview process instead of wasting effort at the qualification stage.

improve quality of hire

Improve Quality of Hire

Our automated AI engagement and screening technology will help refine your talent pipeline allowing for the introduction of a significantly higher volume of top-quality candidates into your recruitment process

enhance candidate experience

Enhance Candidate Experience

Engage active job seekers earlier in the hiring process to introduce your employer brand, generate interest, and initiate a positive candidate experience to help improve hiring outcomes

strengthen talent pipelines

Strengthen Talent Pipelines 

Leverage Fusion’s AI capture technology to, engage, nurture, and transform active talent pools into robust candidate pipelines.

hire talent faster

Hire Talent Faster

Fill roles quickly with pre-qualified applicants, reducing screening time and increasing bandwidth for your internal TA team.

simplified and centralized

Simplified & Centralized

Fusion acts as the hub for your recruitment marketing efforts and is engineered to pair seamlessly with Recruitic’s other core solutions.

The Power of iON

Powered by our iON platform, FUSiON Engage streamlines the application process by offering a seamless candidate experience from end to end. Our platform enables you to qualify, stack rank, disposition, and push pre-qualified candidates to your hiring team, yielding a higher caliber of applicants.


Two Recruitics employees discussing the iON platform

Additional Hiring Process Support

talent advisory

Talent Advisory

As an add-on, our expert Talent Advisors help process current applicant volume due to recruitment peaks, unplanned surges, and recruiter turnover. We help to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your hiring process by improving your applicant-to-hire ratio while reducing agency spending for contingent hires.

Hiring Process Expertise

Our team of Talent Advisors are industry experts with comprehensive knowledge of the end-to-end hiring process. With their versatility and tech-savviness, they can quickly support your greatest areas of need, helping you to improve your applicant-to-hire ratio. Our dedicated resources are committed to enhancing the quality of your hires.

Program Oversight

Recruitics provides an experienced project manager to oversee our Talent Advisory and operational support programs. Our manager works closely with your team to share insights and recommendations on how to improve efficiencies, resulting in better hiring results. With our program oversight, we ensure that your hiring goals are met and your hiring program is optimized.

Program Flexibility

We understand that your hiring demands can change rapidly, and we are equipped to adapt to those changes. Our Talent Advisory program provides the flexibility to scale support up or down as needed, ensuring that you always have the resources to meet your hiring needs without any added strain on your internal team.

Process Efficiency

Our Talent Advisors are experts in diagnosing and fixing process gaps present within your talent acquisition operation. With our proven methodology, we can identify areas of inefficiency and implement best practices to streamline your hiring process, saving you time and money while improving the quality of your hires.

Let us help you with your candidate engagement & hiring needs.